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Tera Loves Trees

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
12:37 am - Packing to Go
I'm doing last minute packing for my trip to Idaho. My cats really enjoy sitting in my suitcase and if they weren't so cute I'd say they were a nuisance. :) I should take a picture, but that would mean finding my camera - ohno! I have to do that anyway so I can bring it to the wedding! Can you tell I don't get to travel a whole lot these days?

I don't know if I will be able to update my journal from Idaho while I am away. If not, I will give an account of the fabulous wedding when I return! Also, I am hoping to learn new things about herbs from Lara's parents, so if/when I do, I will post them here.

Bye-for-now, lj friends!

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
1:17 pm - whoopsie?
I'm trying to get the hang og this whole lj thing... I tried downloading a "client", but it's not well, working? I think I'm deleting and reposting things by mistake. I feel like a complete idiot - I'm very sorry everyone! I'll get it all worked out here soon!

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Monday, August 9th, 2004
11:58 pm - It's me!
Hi everyone, thanks to those who added me as a friend! It feels nice to be welcomed so warmly on the internet.

I found a suitable picture of me in my backyard in Oregon (taken by the hubby, Joe). We love our backyard - of course there are many, many trees, and our own burgeoning herb garden. I wanted to find a picture of me with the animals, but we all would have wound up being really small with the size restriction. Personally, I'm proud that I was able to scan and crop a picture to post! (Computers aren't so much my thing; I'd rather be in my backyard or wrapped in my favorite blanket reading about medicinal herbs.) My other icons came from the pagan icons community. I know that there is a way to link to communities - please bear with me - I'm still figuring this all out!

current mood: accomplished

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2:45 pm - Lara is getting married this week!
This Saturday is my best friend Lara's wedding! I'm leaving for Idaho on Wednesday to give her extra help, and returning on Monday. The husband isn't able to come with me because of work, but I'm taking lots of pictures for him. The wedding is going to be on her parents property in Idaho, and it's gorgeous. Acres and acres of land (not actually sure how many), beautifully landscaped near the house and the surrounding pool, guest house, and gazebo area. They actually have a tall mideval garden, and they grow their own herbs for medicines. (Lara's parents are naturopaths and professors.) Good, good, people. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again and spending a bit of down time in their garden doing some learning and research.

Lara is one of my best friends; I've known her since we were 8, and the man she is marrying (Chris) is really good for her. They make such a wonderful couple. I know I'm going to cry at the wedding - I better pack extra tissues.

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2:47 am - Hello!
This is my first post here - I'm brand new to this whole livejournal thing...

I guess I should introduce myself? I don't really know what to talk about. I live in Oregon, I work in natural resource management, I'm pagan. I like reading, camping, mythology. I have a husband (married 6 years in October!) and we have 3 cats, and two dogs.

So, here I am. I'm looking for new livejournal friends, and I'm joining communities that have similar interests. It gets cold and lonely out here in the woods. I can feel the fall coming on, and I'm looking to make new friends before the cold sets in!

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